Remodeling and Home Design

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Wall to Wall Stencil

Hand Painted Walls and Bed

Services include:

Wall, Ceiling & Floor Design

Metallic Plasters & Foils

Venetian Plasters, Textures & Frescoes

Glazing & Color Washing

Ceiling Medallions

Stenciled Effects

Hand Painted Floor Cloths

Wall & Canvas Murals

Decorative Furniture Finishes & Gilding

Hand Painted Furniture


Serving the Richmond, VA area, Diane Williams specializes in one-of-a-kind painted finishes on flooring, walls, ceilings and all surfaces in between. She strives to develop unique and personal looks for each room she helps to create.

Foil and Specialty Plaster Dining Room Ceiling

Faux Marble Outlet Cover

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